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How To Read Recalled or Deleted Whatsapp Message and Enable Anti-Recall Feature

How To Read Recalled or Deleted Whatsapp Message and Enable Anti-Recall Feature

How To Read Recalled or Deleted Whatsapp Message and Enable Anti-Recall Feature

It’s no longer news that the recall message feature had been introduced on whatsapp, which is kind of okay due to the fact that people do make mistake in sending the wrong message to some people or sending messages to the wrong person, either ways the whatsapp recall feature is handy in solving this mistake.

However, when a whatsapp message is recalled has the receiver you may feel disappointed not able to read the message before it was revoked, and you feel like reading such message before it was recalled, if you’re in this category and you want to know how to read recalled messages on whatsapp? You’re in the right place.

Here I will show you how to read recalled or deleted whatsapp messages and how to disable people from recalling messages already sent, so that when anyone recall message from their whatsapp it won’t reflect from your end that such message was recalled, I guess you’re happy right?

Okay, let’s get straight at it.

Whatsapp does all it can to preserve this feature, here’s how it works.

How to Read Recalled or Deleted Whatsapp Messages

When someone text you or send you message on whatsapp, you’re going to get a notification on your device, and if you’re using an Android device notifications are actually saved in notification log, even though this messages are deleted later you will still be able to read them because actually they’re being saved in notification log, so you can read this messages by simply opening the notification log, you can make use of the notification log widget on your device, or simply use a third-party app named Notification History.

You can download Notification History App on Playstore or click the image below to download Notification History App.

After you've installed the app, open it. You will see a pop-up setting that says Enable System Settings, enable all the required settings by tapping on them, Now you’re done setting up the app.

If any message is being recalled/deleted on your whatsapp, all you need to do go straight to your Notification history app.

Open the app you’ll see whatsapp Icon, so just tap on it you’ll see all the notifications which was saved from whatsapp, clearly you will be able to read the message that was deleted and even copy it to your clipboard.

Note: This application doesn't work to recover media files and another limitation is that it can only recover messages which are not more than 100 characters.

How to Enable Anti-Recall Whatsapp Feature on Your Android Device

Anti Recall or Anti Revoke whatsapp Feature is meant to stop senders from recalling or deleting messages sent to you, even though it shows “you deleted this message” from the other end it won’t reflect at your end that the message was deleted.

Note: This Anti Recall whatsapp feature is only available for Whatsapp Mod users like (GB whatsapp).

If you don’t have GB whatsapp you can download latest version GB Whatsapp 6.10 here.

So to enable anti-revoke on whatsapp

  • open your GB whatsapp.
  • Tap the three dots at the top right corner, you’ll see Privacy tap it.
  • The last option is enable anti revoke, tap it and you’re done.
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