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Alabama Parents Be aware: New Social Media Trend Taking Teen Lives

Alabama Parents Be aware: New Social Media Trend Taking Teen Lives

Alabama Parents Be aware: New Social Media Trend Taking Teen Lives

The deadly blue whale game is still taking young kids and teens live. It has spread a panic among the people worldwide. The game is based on the 50-day countdown that includes tasks such as player has to watch the horror movie and so on until the last task. The most horrific part of the game is the last task to commit suicide, usually via live stream. It is also stated that players are manipulating to participate in the game through a game master that dealing with the players online. This social media deadly trend occurs exclusively online. Therefore we are lacking with to connect it to specific cases.

A Short Introduction to New Social Media Trend

It is an online media game that bucks up people to do some tasks and when a player starts doing it and at the end encourages players to do suicide. On Instagram, there are dozens of posts are presently related this deadly and dangerous game. According to information, we have accumulated; the online game admin provides players almost 50 tasks that a player has to complete each task at each day. There are certain kinds of tasks such as self-harming, to view the scary movies and walking around midnight and the last one is to commit suicide. After assigning a number of back to back tasks, admin starts providing hard tasks till the task of suicide. According to the reports, the NSPCC young kids and teens should don’t bother to follow their peer's footsteps that lead them into real danger.

“Young kids may get themselves in real danger while completing the Blue Whale game tasks”, an official stated that. So, therefore they should avoid that sort of games rather than compromise their lives. On another hand, “parents should teach their kids and teens that don’t put themselves in any activity in the online world or real world that can harm them badly”, he further said that. Teach young kids and teens don’t bother with the words that translate them as cowards, just say no to the activities which are less protective. Parents also teach their kids how to make affirm decisions rather than getting into the challenges such as “Blue Whale Challenges”.

On another hand, Gonzalez’s parents, who come to know that their young child commits suicide in his closet, and parents know that it happened due to the Blue Whale Game challenge.

A victim’s father Jorge Gonzales has found that a death of his son was broadcasting the whole incident. Later on, he further found that his son Isaiah has sent a number of photos of already completed tasks of Blue Whale Challenge to their friends. “All the stuff was related to satanic and stuff like that and my son was never into it, Gonzales stated to a local Texas news station.

CNN has reported another case of suicide due to the deadly Blue Whale; a young 16-years old girl took her life. The internet game has destroyed the piece of the number of families over the year, according to the reports.

If we consider the both of the incidents Georgia and Texas interconnected to the Blue whale game, then it would be the first to Americans deaths has taken by the deadly Blue Whale Challenge.

There are people in the majority who think that it is not more than just a rumor or a story of millennial urban legend story to scare the parents. Anyhow, a high school in Alabama don’t take the news and stories of Blue Whale Challenge at lighter note and tell the parents that they should keep their kids and teens safe and tell them to avoid Blue Whale Game, the same kind of warnings has been made by the police department of Florida, Miami and even in the United Kingdom. On another hand, law enforcement agencies also pay their attention positively and tell the parents to monitor their child’s online presence by using the cell phone or PCs monitoring app to the fullest.

What Should Parents Do?

Parents should use the cell phone and windows monitoring app in order to track all the activities of young kids and teens. It enables parents to view the social media activities of kids and teens by using the IM’s social media of the monitoring software. The user will be able to view the IM’s logs, IM’s conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos. Parents will be able to get the screenshots of the activities remotely and they will be able to do the live screen recording of the cell phone or PC they are using at the moment. Parents can view browsing histories that enable them to know what sort of websites and apps their kids are visiting.


Blue Whale Challenge is the direct victimization of young kids and teens, parents should monitor kid’s online presence by using the cell phone tracking software.

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