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Quick Guide to Get iMessage on Android

How to Receive iMessage on Android?

iMessage compatibility is no more an issue these days. And, that too if you want to talk to people who use the same plan as that of yours, then iMessage compatibility will never be an issue. It is very much understood that those people in your plan are either iOS users or Android users.

iMessage is a very simple service that is provided by Apple. With the help of this service, you can send texts, documents, group messages, contacts and photos. All these messages can be sent with the help of Wifi. This feature is very easy to use unless you are someone who is using an Android phone. For more information, click here.
How to get iMessage on Android?

All the Android users have been seen complaining that they do not receive iMessages on their phone. Because of this, they receive messages that are segmented and most of the time, miss out on important details. On the other hand, iOS users also keep sending messages to their Android friends and they do not get them.

As of now, there is no official way of getting messages on your phone. But, you can always get iMessage on Android
if you follow these steps.

  1. Pie Message is a very special project that can be installed by the users on their device.
  2. This project is still in its development stage and you should only install this if you are experienced enough and are also ready to take risk.
  3. This is a project that was started by GitHub user Eric Chee. If you want to install it, you will need a Mac and an Android phone. 
  4. This means that Pie Message needs an OS X client that can help in transferring messages to an Android device. Mac plays a very important role here as it is the one that helps in the transferring of the messages. 
  5. The message is sent by the Android to Mac and then Mac sends the message in the form of a notification.
  6. If Mac also detects an incoming message, that is also transferred to the Android.


  1. After you have installed Pie Message, it works as follows.
  2. It will use an Apple script and will capture iMessages as soon as they arrive on your Mac system.
  3. After this, the Java app takes all those messages from Apple script.
  4. And then, that message is forwarded by Java app to a custom messaging application on the Android phone.
  5. The message will be displayed on the Android phone and then it will respond to those iMessages.


  1. The Mac has to stay awake always in case it wants to send the message on time.
  2. If Mac is turned off, the messages will not be received anymore.
  3. As explained above, it works by routing iMessages from Mac to Android phone.
  4. As of now, the application does not work with photos, or group messages

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