Top 20 Web Proxy Sites To Browse The Internet Anonymously For free :

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Top 20 Web Proxy Sites To Browse The Internet Anonymously For free

Are you looking for a way to browse the internet anonymously, where your system IP address will be redirected to a different location entirely? Here I list 20 best Web Proxy sites that render this service for free, before I go straight to the list let’s look at the significance of web proxy sites and how it works.
Proxy sites browse anonymous

There are two known methods of accessing the internet anonymously either by proxy applications or proxy sites, they both perform the same functions referred to as Proxy Server.

A proxy server represents a gateway between two computer networks and a larger scale network such as the internet. It offers a computer network service to allow clients to make indirect network connections to other network services.

How Can I Use Proxy Sites?

In all proxy sites there is an address bar you can input your desired URL, input the URL in the address bar and click “Search or Ok” button. Web proxy site will fetch the web page and then display it on its own page.

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What Are the Importance Of Proxy Sites?

  • Proxy sites serve as intermediary between your local IP and the site you visit
  • Proxy sites gives you access to regional restricted sites
  • It gives access to download or copy file from restricted sites etc.

Top 20 Proxy Site To Surf The Internet Anonymously

In our survey, we recommend both and as some the best proxy sites on the web to get complete anonymity.
These are 20 top proxy sites for best anonymity on the internet.


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