Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Crediboo: the New Social Network That Pays Directly into Your Bank Account

Do you want to earn money for using a social network?  I know you must be tired of staying online without earning a penny. Here I will show you a new social network that pays for every bit of activities you perform on their social network, starting from your sign up to sign out you will earn money.

What’s the Name of the New Social Network that Pays?

Crediboo is the new social network site that rewards its user for every bit of actions you perform on your own account, which means you earn for staying online. Crediboo pays directly into your bank account.
Crediboo Social Network That Pays

How does Crediboo Works?

Crediboo is an amazing social network site that can be run both on the web and mobile app, it enables users to communicate with each other by posting status, comments, messages and images with a complete user friendly interface just as the usual social network sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

This Video Below Explains More:

What is the Process? 

  • Every user earn N50 when they sign up
  • N10 every month for staying active
  • N5 for every friend that sign up through your link
  • N1 for every status update
  • 20 kobo for every comment, 10 kobo for reply on comments.
  • 20 kobo for every qualified page load.
Crediboo earn money social network

  • Minimum withdrawal amount N1,000
  • Withdrawal processing span between 24 to 72hours (Excluding Saturday & sunday)

To People Outside Nigeria

NOW GOING GLOBAL: Crediboo intend to pay users from all over the world starting form 1st of January 2017.

Incentive Structure & Cap (Limit) - Payable in USD. 

  • Sign Up 0.12 (upon sign up) 
  • Staying active 0.03 (once a month) 
  • Invite a friend (via your link) 0.01 (per verified friend invited) 
  • Posting status update 0.002 (12 posts/hour) (4 posts/15mins) 
  • Commenting on other people's posts. 0.0005 (Unlimited) 
  • Replying comments 0.0002 (Unlimited) 
  • Clicking Ads. 0.002 (1 per advert per day) 
  • Pageload 0.0005 (on for 40 seconds = Qualified)
Demography: America, Asia, Australia and Europe

Paypal: Minimum withdrawal $20.00

Note: The platform does not owe any user until they have reached the set minimum withdrawal limit. Users: Must own a verified Paypal Account. Must own only one Account. Must read and Agree with our full ToU

How Can I Join?

  • Click this link crediboo sign up to sign up for a new account.
  • Fill in all the required areas and make sure you include your account number.

I recommend you open the account on browsers due to their mobile apps both on iPhone and Android are still in development.

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