Thursday, 8 March 2018

The Apple Brand Ecosystem Explained

Have you ever asked somebody why they use an iPhone? I guess their reply would be "it's hard to break away from the apple ecosystem" what then comes to my mind is what is it about this Apple brand ecosystem you'll talking about? 

The Apple Brand Ecosystem Explained

There are tales all over the internet about this ecosystem in tech reviews and all kinds of iPhone videos probably every home pod video on the internet has that word or that phrase in it somewhere and even regular everyday conversations.

if you ask somebody why they use an iPhone it more or less comes down to the same answer sometimes it is just because it's the best all-around phone and they believe the hardware is superior that's sometimes but really often like really often the answer has something to do with the ecosystem.

More Lights on the Apple Ecosystem

Ecosystem a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment so in tech you know an ecosystem is just a community of interacting objects so Apple makes a ton of devices you know the iPhone, the iPad, the Mac, the Apple watch, the Apple TV, the home pod, air pods but they also make a lot of software and proprietary technology that ties them all together airplay, airdrop, continuity, iCloud. So once they can draw you into the ecosystem somewhere with one of their devices let's say an iPhone for example you get an iPhone like many people do then they can try to lure you to spend more money on other Apple products because they just work so well together.
Now most companies have a family of products that's not new it's not like Apple is the only one doing that but what makes this a unique ecosystem so successful maybe the most successful ecosystem ever is not only how well they work together but the walls they've built up around those things.

Living inside this Apple ecosystem is sort of like what we call a “walled garden” you may have heard that expression before meaning everything that's in the garden in these walls this is beautiful luscious garden everything is green it's everything you could ever want but these walls on the outside are really tall and they kind of don't want you trying to climb out or trying to explore beyond those walls.

Once you get a couple of Apple devices you start to get into the ecosystem, let's say you get an iPhone and a MacBook just those two things they make it as easy as possible you start using iMessage you start getting text messages on your phone and then you can reply to them on your computer super easy, blue bubbles everywhere your web browsing on your phone then you sit down in your computer and it shows up for you to pick up exactly where you left off. You have iCloud Drive so any files on one are always on the other anything about showing up airdrop, peer-to-peer sharing, legendary. You have tethering so the MacBook always has the iPhones internet wherever you go want to make a video call FaceTime is right there you can answer it on either device, you ask Siri to remind you for something it'll put it in the reminders app every time.

So okay now you're in the market for a SmartWatch, well I mean just you just get an Apple watch like what other options are there really now you can answer texts on your watch too, blue bubbles everywhere answer calls on your watch there's FaceTime still, ask Siri to set reminders on the watch it'll put them in the reminders app everything works together so beautifully, okay now you're in the market for a smart speaker it's a pretty new market a couple of options out there seems like it makes perfect sense to just go with the Apple one now suddenly wireless headphones are gaining steam you're in the market for some wireless earbuds air pods are right there they work perfectly you get the idea all these services and products are designed to be as good as possible yes  of course but they're also designed to be these little hooks to keep you in the Apple ecosystem to keep you giving them information and to keep you buying more Apple products as long as possible and the way to keep you using those products is to make those products as good as possible within the ecosystem and those are keywords within the ecosystem.

This explains the existence of so many Apple products that on the surface or from the outside from behind those walls can seem kind of limited or pointless or dumb especially in new markets where there's just the beginnings of competition, like why does the home pod exist in 2018 a smart speaker that only uses Siri, only uses Apple music, does not connect to Bluetooth, does not connect to anything that's not an iPhone, does not have a headphone jack because for that guy who uses Apple music and has an iCloud account and has an iPhone it's kind of perfect.

To be honest though I even been guilty of being in the ecosystem you know despite being I mean I use Android so I'm not tied in as deep I use some multi-platform stuff Spotify, Dropbox, things like that but I'm a Final Cut Pro Editor because Final Cut Pro is really good and Final Cut Pro is Mac only and it will probably pretty much always be Mac only.

So what about leaving what about getting out of the ecosystem well in Apple's case pretty much everything is tied to your iCloud account and if you want to get out of the ecosystem you have to rip that information out of your iCloud and sort of import it into that new service a lot of times much easier said than done, the more closely tied to iCloud that device is the more hooks it has into other parts of the ecosystem that make it harder to take out so accessories like air pods for example you know they work perfectly with things like your iPhone and your iPad and your MacBook because of the W1 chip they pair effortlessly we all know it just kind of works the Apple way but if you want to switch to another pair of headphones it's just that one hook in and you can move to another pair of wireless headphones and get away with it, now if you use Apple music and want to switch to Spotify because it's clearly better again it's like one hook but good luck trying to switch your entire library between the platforms entire companies have been born trying to make that process easier but trying to leave the iPhone to go to another phone that's not in the ecosystem is tough because there's a lot of hooks in to this all of your app purchases are gone if FaceTime is gone, your ear pods become useless, your home pod becomes useless you can't use the reminders app anymore, your Apple watch becomes a paperweight and iMessage is gone and then the iPhone the Holy Grail for shepherding people into this garden is so hard to leave that a new phone could come along with a better screen, better battery , no notch, a better camera, better battery life, a headphone jack and they'd still skip it because that ecosystem though it's kind of incredible.

Also by the way there's other ecosystems too there's Google's, Amazon's, Samsung's there's some more complete than others and just generally a notice ecosystems from everyone are expanding and evolving.

Two years ago you didn't really need smart appliances in your ecosystem as a tech company a couple days ago Amazon bought Ring for a billion dollars to get ahead on smart video doorbell so that's just kind of the world we're living in with all these companies building up their ecosystems some with little walls some with huge walls some are just as open as possible, the Google's for example is probably the most multi platform possible you want Google photos you can get it anywhere, you want Gmail you can get it anywhere, things like that are fun to see but it's still interesting to look at and evaluate Apples which has been closed off for so long the walls been built for so long that kind of makes its own weird case study.

Other than that, that's pretty much it. My only suggestion would be don't isolate yourself to just one ecosystem don't lock yourself in or if you already locked in maybe take a peek over those walls before it's too late.

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Worth the Hype?

New phone flagship from Samsung the market leaders, it’s S9 and S9 Plus with dual lens set up, the S9 and S9 plus comes in three different colors titanium gray, Lavender colour midnight black and coral blue, I personally like the titanium gray fingerprint shows a little less on the phone unlike black colour.
samsung s9 and s9 plus

At this point you probably saw couple videos on this S9 Plus, obviously the S9 Plus is a bit of iteration on the last one, there’s no overhaul happening here, anyway that’s ok though.

Visible Difference between Samsung S8 and S9

I used the S8 for a very long time it’s a comfortable hold it’s a nice little size, well here’s the thing in the meantime in the past year or so the competition in this marketplace it’s kind of changed to compel you to spend your extra cash no price increase here, in fact depending on how you purchase the device and which carrier you purchase the device from you might actually see a price reduction, I take that as a response to what’s happening in the market place and the quality you can get at lower price point.

 A couple things that I like about this device the movement of the fingerprint sensor underneath the camera lens, it’s something I complained about on the Samsung S8, what ends up happening you end up putting your finger in many cases on the camera lens and smudging it up sometimes manufacturers listen to the complain, you can see the evidence right on the S9.
s9 fingerprint

Other than this difference you would be hard-pressed place S8 beside S9, from the front view they are very similar in appearance now that could be a good thing that could be a bad thing.
s9 and s8 frontview

s9 and s8 backview

From the back view the movement of the fingerprint got better spot on the S9, easier to reach. The speaker grille which looks different now the single channel opening there on the old one the grille looked a bit different the reason for this is an improvement in the audio performance of the speaker, so Samsung requires Harman Kardon and improve in audio performance from the speaker unit firing audio from same location as well on the bottom.

All the rest of the stuffs you love are at the top headphone jack, USB type-C and the SIM tray with expandable SD card storage.


Display OLED very pleasing to the eye is curved edge, I’m still a little bit undecided on whether or not I’m completely sold on that idea because when you are watching content you lose a little bit of it right it wraps around the edge which looks cool but do you enjoy content more or is just a novelty factor I’m not a 100% decisive on that recently have been using pixel to excel a lot now.
s9 and pixel 2xl


Camera on the S9 Plus for the first time ever has a variable aperture F 1.5 or F 2.4,I think for most of you this comes into play just in low-light situations, if you need more light it’ll trigger the larger aperture the portrait mode as well, I think this one it stacks up kind of nicely as of right now against the pixel 2XL, so it also got this super slo-mo mode that can shoot up to 960 frames per second so you tap the record button to start a recording and the slow motion starts when something moves within the square, 960 FPS is pretty wild 720P it’s a nice little gimmick you put that on social media like what are you doing how did you do it looks cool.

The S9 speaker if you try to cover up the audio on the bottom I’m still getting it through the earpiece at the top, the S9 does sound better than the S8, it is little more fold and pleasing.

The S9 options in video mode its unbelievable UHD 60 fps up to 4000 fps.

Do this devices do they justify the cost? I think the S9 has a real chance to be a major player in something that I could really recommend but right now I’m skeptical.

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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

How to Locate The Servers of Any Website

In a recent post I detailed how you can find out the location of anyone on the internet, here I will show you how to locate the web server of any website online.

Let’s say you want to find or you want to locate the web server of my website, you want to know where my web servers are located, all you need do is follow this simple step below.

Firstly go to this link, after that simply enter the domain name whose servers you want to locate, then click Lookup Domain To IP.

It will display the IP address of the domain, as shown in the image below.

So all you need to do is go ahead and copy the IP address, go to and paste the IP address into the text box, now click on Trace IP With IP Tracker.

The next page will display the details of the IP address

It will show you the detailed location where the IP address is originating from.

With this simple trick you track the location of any website server on the internet.

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Monday, 1 January 2018

How to Track The Location of Anyone On The Internet

Internet is largest computer network and more than 3 billion people are using Internet, I mean my friends your friends my family your family everyone, almost everyone are using Internet in some way or the other ways, Now the question is can you track the location of a person using Internet? The answer is absolutely yes.
How to Track The Location of Anyone On The Internet

However, it’s impossible to hide your location on the Internet unless you’re using a VPN, I’m not going to talk about VPN in this tutorial, anyway in this tutorial we will be talking about how to track the location of a person using Internet.

Step 1:

Find Their IP Address

IP Address is something which we use to determine the location of a device which connected to the Internet, just like how you determine or how you describe your physical location by mentioning your physical address the same way on the Internet we use IP addresses to determine where a specific Internet connected device is located on the earth so using this IP address we can basically track or tell from where the Internet user is visiting or using the Internet.

So how do you actually know the IP address of someone, well you can basically create a domain for yourself and you can send the link of your domain to the person whose IP address you want to find and when that person visits you don’t mind using his Internet connection his IP address can be recorded, but creating your own domain and doing all this stuff may be a little bit complicated so you can follow this alternative and simple way to find the IP address of anyone.

Firstly, go to and you will see a web page like the image below, click on get IP logger code.

In this page you will see your IP logger link to record the statistics, just go ahead and copy it.

Now you need to send this link to the person whose location you want to track, you can send this link through Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail or any platform you wish, you can even shorten the link if you want.

For this tutorial I will send this link to myself, so once a person clicks on the link he will be seeing pay something like the image below,  but in the background his IP address is also located and we’re going to see it.

Now go back to the IP logger tab and this time copy the link for viewing the statistics, highlight the link, right click and select Go to the following link.

The next screen will list out all the IP addresses that are recorded using your IP logger link and as you can see below the first IP address is basically my IP address and it is recorded when I clicked on the link.

Step 2:

Track the IP Address

Once you have the IP address you can go to,  scroll down and type in the IP address into the text box and click on search.

It’s going to show you all the following  information about that particular IP address which includes:

  • The location of that Particular IP address
  • It shows the country, the state, city and the postal code.
  • The name of the ISP Internet Service Provider.

So you just saw how we can actually track the location of anyone using the Internet.

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Sunday, 31 December 2017

How To Read Recalled or Deleted Whatsapp Message and Enable Anti-Recall Feature

How To Read Recalled or Deleted Whatsapp Message and Enable Anti-Recall Feature

How To Read Recalled or Deleted Whatsapp Message and Enable Anti-Recall Feature

It’s no longer news that the recall message feature had been introduced on whatsapp, which is kind of okay due to the fact that people do make mistake in sending the wrong message to some people or sending messages to the wrong person, either ways the whatsapp recall feature is handy in solving this mistake.

However, when a whatsapp message is recalled has the receiver you may feel disappointed not able to read the message before it was revoked, and you feel like reading such message before it was recalled, if you’re in this category and you want to know how to read recalled messages on whatsapp? You’re in the right place.

Here I will show you how to read recalled or deleted whatsapp messages and how to disable people from recalling messages already sent, so that when anyone recall message from their whatsapp it won’t reflect from your end that such message was recalled, I guess you’re happy right?

Okay, let’s get straight at it.

Whatsapp does all it can to preserve this feature, here’s how it works.

How to Read Recalled or Deleted Whatsapp Messages

When someone text you or send you message on whatsapp, you’re going to get a notification on your device, and if you’re using an Android device notifications are actually saved in notification log, even though this messages are deleted later you will still be able to read them because actually they’re being saved in notification log, so you can read this messages by simply opening the notification log, you can make use of the notification log widget on your device, or simply use a third-party app named Notification History.

You can download Notification History App on Playstore or click the image below to download Notification History App.

After you've installed the app, open it. You will see a pop-up setting that says Enable System Settings, enable all the required settings by tapping on them, Now you’re done setting up the app.

If any message is being recalled/deleted on your whatsapp, all you need to do go straight to your Notification history app.

Open the app you’ll see whatsapp Icon, so just tap on it you’ll see all the notifications which was saved from whatsapp, clearly you will be able to read the message that was deleted and even copy it to your clipboard.

Note: This application doesn't work to recover media files and another limitation is that it can only recover messages which are not more than 100 characters.

How to Enable Anti-Recall Whatsapp Feature on Your Android Device

Anti Recall or Anti Revoke whatsapp Feature is meant to stop senders from recalling or deleting messages sent to you, even though it shows “you deleted this message” from the other end it won’t reflect at your end that the message was deleted.

Note: This Anti Recall whatsapp feature is only available for Whatsapp Mod users like (GB whatsapp).

If you don’t have GB whatsapp you can download latest version GB Whatsapp 6.10 here.

So to enable anti-revoke on whatsapp

  • open your GB whatsapp.
  • Tap the three dots at the top right corner, you’ll see Privacy tap it.
  • The last option is enable anti revoke, tap it and you’re done.
If this post has being helpful to you, please feel free to share with your friends.

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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

How to Track GPS Location of Your Kids Android Phone

How to Track GPS Location of Your Kids Android Phone

No matter whatever the possibilities parents have to adopt to protect their kids and teens, they do their best when it comes to the security of young kids and teens. In old times parents have to look after kids and teens with the naked eye and they always want their kids and teens to stay closer to the parents. Since the invention of the android cell phone device, the style of parenting has been changed over the years. Now young kids and teens have more freedom no time ever before to hang out where ever they want and on the other hand parents also encourage their kids and teens to explore the world and the places that they like the most.

So, the modern technology has come forward to help parents to do parenting effectively and it has provided the young generation more freedom to hang out freely. But over the years the technology also has real difficulties for parents, due to excessive use of mobile phones of Android OS.
How to Track GPS Location of Your Kids Android Phone

Why Android Cell phones Creating Difficulties in parenting 

The contemporary Android phones enable young kids and teens to send the text messages, phone calls, audio and videos calls on social messaging apps, shared media files and plenty of other activities alike. Having such type of communication tools young kids and teens may encounter with the people that force them to meet in the real life and cause serious issues for them. Therefore, parents have to keep an eye on young kids and teens cell phone activities by using the android monitoring software.

Android Phones & Threats to Teens 

There are plenty of threats and dangers that can cause serious issues in the teens' real life. They may encounter with the following mentioned evils. Let's discuss the evils that can force teens to meet them in the real life by using the cell phone connected to the internet.


They are the ones who are full of lust and always want to trap the young kids and teens by using the cell phones and the social media apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, WhatsApp and plenty of others apps. They chase young kids and teens on the social media platforms and make them friends online and after sometime when they have already trust of teens, they ask teens for the meeting in real life and the teens who commit for meeting often gets rapped.

Blind Dating and sexual encounters 

Blind dates are very common activity in young kids and teens' lives and they usually do these foolish things through dating apps. They chase their match on the apps and meet them in real life for sexual hookups and dates. When teens meet the people whom they don’t know in real life usually ditched by the opposite gender and even some time cases get worsen.

What should parents do? 

Parents should keep an eye on their kids and teens online and real-life activities, and then parents hear kids’ activities on phone surrounds. Parents can stop their teens while meeting someone whom they don’t know in their real lives. They can keep an eye on kids and teens activities online by using the cell phone spying app for androids. It enables a user to spy on Android devices used by the teen and parents will get to know the sent and received text messages through cell phone spy app for the android tool text messages spy.

It further allows parents to get their hands on all the social media platforms activities through IM's social media of the mobile phone tracking program for androids. The user will be able to see the IM's logs, IM's chats, IM's conversation and further it allows user to listen to the live calls through call recording feature. Parents can use bug their phone and get to know the surrounding sounds and conversations through MIC bug and make short videos of the surroundings with spyvidcam bug and capture photos with camera bug. So, in short, parents can keep an eye on teens' online activities through android spying spyware.

How can parents track the location of teens' Android phone? 

Parents just need to use the GPS location tracker on kids’ Android phones and they will be able to know where kids and teens are at the moment. GPS location tracking app for androids allow the user to know the current location of kids and teens to the fullest, weekly location, location history even it allows user to set their own monitoring preferences and further to set safe and restricted areas for your children to the fullest.

The cell phone spying software for android enable a user to use it tool GPS location tracker and the user will be able to know the location of kids’ android phone.

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Alabama Parents Be aware: New Social Media Trend Taking Teen Lives

Alabama Parents Be aware: New Social Media Trend Taking Teen Lives

Alabama Parents Be aware: New Social Media Trend Taking Teen Lives

The deadly blue whale game is still taking young kids and teens live. It has spread a panic among the people worldwide. The game is based on the 50-day countdown that includes tasks such as player has to watch the horror movie and so on until the last task. The most horrific part of the game is the last task to commit suicide, usually via live stream. It is also stated that players are manipulating to participate in the game through a game master that dealing with the players online. This social media deadly trend occurs exclusively online. Therefore we are lacking with to connect it to specific cases.

A Short Introduction to New Social Media Trend

It is an online media game that bucks up people to do some tasks and when a player starts doing it and at the end encourages players to do suicide. On Instagram, there are dozens of posts are presently related this deadly and dangerous game. According to information, we have accumulated; the online game admin provides players almost 50 tasks that a player has to complete each task at each day. There are certain kinds of tasks such as self-harming, to view the scary movies and walking around midnight and the last one is to commit suicide. After assigning a number of back to back tasks, admin starts providing hard tasks till the task of suicide. According to the reports, the NSPCC young kids and teens should don’t bother to follow their peer's footsteps that lead them into real danger.

“Young kids may get themselves in real danger while completing the Blue Whale game tasks”, an official stated that. So, therefore they should avoid that sort of games rather than compromise their lives. On another hand, “parents should teach their kids and teens that don’t put themselves in any activity in the online world or real world that can harm them badly”, he further said that. Teach young kids and teens don’t bother with the words that translate them as cowards, just say no to the activities which are less protective. Parents also teach their kids how to make affirm decisions rather than getting into the challenges such as “Blue Whale Challenges”.

On another hand, Gonzalez’s parents, who come to know that their young child commits suicide in his closet, and parents know that it happened due to the Blue Whale Game challenge.

A victim’s father Jorge Gonzales has found that a death of his son was broadcasting the whole incident. Later on, he further found that his son Isaiah has sent a number of photos of already completed tasks of Blue Whale Challenge to their friends. “All the stuff was related to satanic and stuff like that and my son was never into it, Gonzales stated to a local Texas news station.

CNN has reported another case of suicide due to the deadly Blue Whale; a young 16-years old girl took her life. The internet game has destroyed the piece of the number of families over the year, according to the reports.

If we consider the both of the incidents Georgia and Texas interconnected to the Blue whale game, then it would be the first to Americans deaths has taken by the deadly Blue Whale Challenge.

There are people in the majority who think that it is not more than just a rumor or a story of millennial urban legend story to scare the parents. Anyhow, a high school in Alabama don’t take the news and stories of Blue Whale Challenge at lighter note and tell the parents that they should keep their kids and teens safe and tell them to avoid Blue Whale Game, the same kind of warnings has been made by the police department of Florida, Miami and even in the United Kingdom. On another hand, law enforcement agencies also pay their attention positively and tell the parents to monitor their child’s online presence by using the cell phone or PCs monitoring app to the fullest.

What Should Parents Do?

Parents should use the cell phone and windows monitoring app in order to track all the activities of young kids and teens. It enables parents to view the social media activities of kids and teens by using the IM’s social media of the monitoring software. The user will be able to view the IM’s logs, IM’s conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos. Parents will be able to get the screenshots of the activities remotely and they will be able to do the live screen recording of the cell phone or PC they are using at the moment. Parents can view browsing histories that enable them to know what sort of websites and apps their kids are visiting.


Blue Whale Challenge is the direct victimization of young kids and teens, parents should monitor kid’s online presence by using the cell phone tracking software.

Author Bio:

Nicki is a technology writer, security apps adviser and also digital parenting expert. She writes on latest trends, gadgets and her work on spy app for android phones. To know more about her follow on twitter @Nickimarie222.
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Wednesday, 8 November 2017


I’m dedicating this to those who want to enjoy and explore the Android experience but are not buoyant enough to exit entry level smartphones. Itel now has models running on Mediatek and Spreadtrum so you can tag along if you have any Mediatek (MTK) or Spreadtrum (SPD) entry level smartphone you wish to optimize for a better experience.


Messaging might not send or receive messages until more space is available on your device. Some system functions may not work. This is one of the first hurdles you’ll encounter once you’ve started installing apps.

What is this error and why am I getting it?

Your phone has an internal storage where apps and their data are installed to / saved. The problem here is that its a partition which is allocated a limited space so you could have a lot of space on your external SD card and Phone storage but still encounter this error. The root of this error is that you’ve used up the allotted space for apps and their data either due to that space being too small or you having installed too many apps.


  1. Adoptable Storage: This enables you use your external SD card as an extension of your internal storage
  2. Clear app data: The phone needs to first be rooted then the internal storage analyzed for apps (and their data) consuming a lot of space using Link2SD. I once recovered 3.72 GB from clearing just one app’s data
  3. Delete media and uninstall unneeded apps: Delete heavy media files saved to phone / internal storage or move them to external SD card. Also uninstall all unneeded apps under Settings > Apps
  4. Factory Reset: First, backup your important stuff. Go to Settings > Accounts and delete your Google account to avoid Factory Reset Protection (FRP) . Go to Settings > Backup & reset to wipe the phone or boot into recovery mode and do a factory reset


Slight lagging is something to expect with use but its particularly terrible on low RAM phones. This could result in frequent restarts or unfortunately **** has stopped errors.

Why is my Itel phone lagging / hanging seriously?

Well, first off, Itel isn’t exactly notorious for being generous with RAM on their models. Apart from the Itel S11 Plus , Itel Wish A41 Plus , Itel S41, and maybe a model or two I forgot to mention (which I kind of doubt), Itel phones traditionally feature either 512 MB or 1GB of RAM. Now, the problem isn’t only the low RAM but also the system apps (Bloatware) which the phone is bombarded with from factory.


  1. Debloat: First, you need to root your Itel phone then uninstall unneeded system apps using an app like Link2SD. I strongly recommend that you either have a compatible packet (pac) file / stock rom / firmware for your Itel phone or do a backup in custom recovery first so you can easily rollback incase the debloating exercise goes South
  2. Create a ROM Zero: To create a stock flashable zip (ROM Zero), all you need is a custom recovery, stock boot.img and system.img . If you have the Mediatek firmware then you’ll find boot and system in the zip or rar file. For Spreadtrum pac files, you can extract the content of the pac file using Research or Upgrade Download tool.
  3. Close apps not in use: Other than apps that have push notifications (e.g Email, Whatsapp, Hovatek app etc), ensure to exit apps currently not in use


Unless you’re using an Itel phone with 5,000 mAh, you’re likely to encounter a relatively short battery time. This is often facilitated by or coupled with overheating. Someone exaggerated that he could cook beans with his Itel phone 🙂 .

Why is my Itel phone overheating and battery draining so quickly

Low end / entry level phones don’t handle duress too well and overheating is one way they voice out. Its quite normal to notice your Itel phone warming up slightly while charging or using but if it gets really hot then there’s likely a hardware issue lurking in the dark. Low end phones with crappy hardware will overheat regardless of what you do but Itel isn’t exactly crappy.


  1. Turn off radios not in use: If you’re not actively using your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Hotspot or 4G then turn them off
  2. Watch the apps you run: Entry level phones aren’t for gaming so don’t push them. You should also reduce the number of apps you run at a time and check to be sure your phone isn’t infected with malware
  3. Reduce screen brightness: Unless you’re a Mole, your screen doesn’t have to be so bright all the time
  4. Pay attention to your Charger: If a particular charger makes your phone heat up significantly when charging then you should stay away from it


When it comes to USB connection, Spreadtrum (and by extension Itel phones) are another kettle of fish. Some of these issues also surface on Mediatek smartphones though.

What are the USB connection issues I might encounter on my Itel Android phone and how do I resolve them?

  1. ADB detection issues: Getting ADB to detect your Spreadtrum phone requires an additional step which is to include your Spreadtrum Vendor ID in the adb_usb.ini file
  2. MTP issues: An MTP issue could result in your PC being unable to detect your Phone storage and external SD card. Fixing this requires that you update your phone’s MTP drivers
  3. Flashing tool detection issues: Before you attempt flashing a Mediatek or Spreadtrum device, you need to install the Mediatek VCOM or Spreadtrum Sciu2S drivers respectively. Unfortunately, that’s sometime not enough as you might still get errors which point at a detection (driver) error. In such a case, you’ll need to update the Mediatek or Spreadtrum phone’s drivers under Device Manager

Itel has made notable improvement and I believe they hold promise. I’m watching this brand keenly and only time will prove me right or right.

This post was first published on Hovatek Journal, if you want to download the external files mentioned in this lecture, kindly check Hovatek Post.
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Sunday, 5 November 2017

How To: Restore deleted iOS apps

From the beginning, I had my reservations about Apple products; no, it wasn't because of the price(maybe a little, but that's a rant for another time), but mainly it was because of things like this. Why would you have to re-purchase an app you already paid for just because you lost it(or uninstalled it)? At least that's what you had to do until not-so-long ago when Apple finally let users restore deleted iOS apps directly from the App Store.
How To: Restore deleted iOS apps

Here's how:

On devices running iOS 11

  • Launch the App Store
  • Click on the prrofile icon at the top right corner.
  • Tap on Purchased > My Purchases
  • Choose Not on this iPhone.
  • Select the app you wish to restore and hit the cloud icon.

On older versions of iOS

  • Launch the App Store
  • Tap on Updates-Purchased at the bottom menu.
  • Select Not on this iPhone.
  • Search for the app you want to restore and then tap on the coud icon.
Of course, you could always use the iTunes method
  • Connect your iDevice to your PC or Mac then launch iTunes.
  • Click on the device icon(should be somewhere in the sidebar), then select Apps > Install for the apps you need.
  • Select Automatically Install New Apps if you want your apps on iTunes to sync with your iPhone whenever you connect.

And there you go! You don't have to pay for an app twice(or more; depending on how frequently your apps get missing or uninstalled)!

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Airtel SmartRecharge Gives You 10x More For Voice Calls and Data

It’s very difficult not to fall into this temptation right now because it is so enticing…everyone loves awoof most especially if there is no any limitation to it. The awoof stuffs have been seeing of late is majorly for new customers but this offer, is for old and new customers.

Airtel smartRecharge is a new offer from the Airtel NG that gives you 10 times more on your recharge for voice and data. Unlike Airtelsmart connect 2.0 that gives 6x more on the amount you are recharging.

For instance, if you recharge N100, you’ll get N500 for calls and N500 for data. A recharge of N200 will give you N1000 for calls and N1000 for data.
N500 recharge give N2000 for calls, N3000 for data plus extra N3000 for data. While N1000 recharge will give you a whooping N2500 for calls, N7500 for data plus extra N7500 for data. The more you load the more bonuses you get for calls and data.

Now you understand what I’m saying that this smartRecharge is absolutely enticing and the good part of it is that its available for all Airtel Subscribers. Any Airtel sim will do the magic recharge above.

How Can I Get Airtel Super Recharge?

Its simple and easy! Dial *220*Rechargepin# send

This offer is open to new and existing subscribers on Airtel network. This is why Airtel calls it #DoAnyhow.
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